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Murphy & Denise

It's audio clips from the Morning Show team: Murphy Huston and Denise Plante

Murphy Huston

the hockey-loving co-DJ on the Murphy and Denise Morning Show

Denise Plante

the lovely co-DJ on The Murphy & Denise Morning Show

Jackie Selby

It's Jackie! Audio clips from our bubbly morning DJ

Audio by Show

Celebrities & Experts

audio podcasts from the many celebrities and experts that visit the KOSI 101 studios

Denise's Daily Dirt

All the hottest gossip and news from Tinsel Town, reported by Denise Plante of the Murphy & Denise Morning Show

Just for Fun

little audio clips of fun KOSI moments and bits that we find

More with Murphy

Murphy interviews celebrities and experts.

Murphy's Watercooler

Murphy Huston of the Murphy and Denise Morning Show reflects on the wonder and weirdness he hears in the news, on TV, the web and around "the watercooler"...

Studio Performances

performances recorded live in the KOSI studios

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Listener Advice

Let's hear from our listeners on that!


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